RV Global Limited is the global Technology Company which is also involved in high value global training programs.

We provide high quality Coaching, Motivational,Competitive Training Programs with Certifications and Corporate Trainings that helps our clients, Students & Professionals to achieve their Maximum real time potential to the core. RV Global Limited is one of the fastest growing training providers in India & International Markets. We believe in providing efficient & effective training solutions based on leading edge techniques, supported by scientific facts and background, delivered professionally by our certified and accredited trainers.

RV Global Training & Certification programs from RV Global Limited are widely approved by all sectors as it uses globally accepted and most effective technological methods, many of which are also used by industry leaders across the globe.

    What We Do - Training Solutions

  • Programs for Life Skills Improvement
  • Modules to support corporate goals
  • Motivation during tough economic times.
  • Customer service & client management skills.
  • Negotiating & Influencing
  • Challenging mind-sets and skill behaviors.
  • Working across cultural and country boundaries.
  • Harnessing competition for organization good and performance improvement.
  • Identifying and developing bespoke corporate modules based on your organizational needs and creating specific modules for your needs.



    Our coaching services are provided by accredited business coaches. This service includes modules on:

  • Advanced confidence-building techniques.
  • Custom Competitive Curriculum
  • Methods for achieving and maintaining full potential.
  • Providing the extra motivation to allow executives to take the steps required to achieve promotion.
  • Overcoming barriers to change and thinking more strategically around business and personal goals.

    Self-Development Programs

  • Understanding the Body, brain & mind.
  • Understanding the senses.
  • Making your neurology work for you.
  • Basic instincts.
  • Turning adversity into victory.
  • Succeeding and leading.

The training offered is inspired by proven communication models that will dramatically enhance the contribution of your people to your organization/Institution

These models were born out of extensive research into how people behave in group and one-on-one situations. But, unlike many other providers, Techmind creates training around the specific requirements of your organization/Institution – at highly competitive prices.

This is ideal if you have a limited training budget, but are looking for the kind of powerful and targeted training that low-cost online training programs cannot effectively provide.

Upon completing a course, your people will receive certification from RV Techmind which is globally recognized.

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